Project Outreach Plan

7789839790_cd9acc93c6_o A Community Food Assessment Outreach (CFAO) group will advise Good Food Central Florida on how to ensure opportunities for the public to participate in the planning process. The (CFAO) group will include representatives from the participating partners and consumers.

It is anticipated that a number of input meetings will be held during the day, weekend and early evening over a several month period. These meetings will be sited in ADA accessible buildings to allow access to people of ages and abilities. The meetings will also be posted on the Good Food Central Florida website, partner websites and community facilities.

The draft assessment will additionally be posted on line for comment and review for a minimum of 20 days. The final plan will also be uploaded to the Good Food Central Florida website.

More outreach information will be provided in late April 2016. If you would like additional information, please contact